Hans Jørgen Lindeløff
My name is Hans Jørgen Lindeløff, 59y.
I am a happy landscape and fine art photographer, and live on the beautiful island of Kråkerøy outside the city of Fredrikstad in southeastern Norway.​​​​​​​
I photograph every day, constantly looking for good light and interesting opportunities.
 My photography experience startet 50 years ago, when I started school. During school years I learned BW photography with darkroom practice.

In the 90's I was part of a camera club at my former work, were darkroom work was a big part.
In 2004 I went digital...! And I have never looked back... I upgraded to Nikon with a pro lens in summer 2011, but I am also a big "iPhoneista" and have for the last years become an avid iPhoneographer.
These pages are about my Nikon photography.
If you want to buy a print .. or two, please send me a message